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01- Introduction To The Insider Secrets To Launching A New York Times Bestseller

Learn the insider secrets of launching your book to the NT Times Bestseller list.

02- Building Your Book For The New York Time Bestseller List

This is show is all about building your book so that it is of required quality so that it looks at home on the bestseller lists.

03- Secrets of Pricing Your Book Right For The New York Time Bestseller List

In this episode we cover how to price your book so it is both profitable for you but also competitive in the marketplace.

04 – Getting The Reviews You Need To Make Your Book A Success On The Bestseller List

Reviews are hugely important for the sale of your book both in the short and long term.  This episode covers some of the best ways to get them.

05 – Social Media Marketing For Your Book

Social media word of mouth and buzz is crucial to getting your book on the New York Times bestseller list here's how to approach it for max effectiveness.

06 – Getting the Publicity, PR and Press That Your Book Needs To Hit the Bestseller List

No matter how you slice it your book is going to need lots of good press to make the New York Times bestseller list in this episode we cover the details of how that is done.

08 – Build Your Author’s Platform

All successful authors must build their platform to succeed. This episode provides strategies for building a rabid fan base.

07 – Make The Most Of Advertising To Get Your Book On The Bestseller List

Strategies, tips and tactics to make the most of advertising to get your book on the bestseller list.

09 – Making Sure Your Book Sells On Amazon Too

Amazon book sales are still very important to get your book up on to the major bestseller lists. This episode covers what you need to know.

10 – Selling Books Through Brick and Mortar Retailers Nationwide

Over half of the sales of books in the US are purchased in brick and mortar and other retailers off Amazon.  This episode discusses the steps you need to take to get your books in stores.