Have you ever wondered what best-selling authors have that you don't?  What are they doing to get their books on the bestseller lists? What is their secret? 

The answer is, in one simple little word: PLATFORM. 

THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR will show you step-by-step how to successfully construct a platform that works for you. What is a platform? Platform has very little to do with the actual book or books you have written. It has everything to do with: How many people you can offer your book to. It also is a good indication of how many people have read your work, bought your books, subscribed to your emails, read your blog post, or followed you on social media. A platform is a group of people; it is your reader fan base. Finding and influencing as many of them as possible as often as possible is the key to building your platform. It's real work and it's not easy, but once you dedicate some time and effort to building your platform, you will reap the benefits. 

THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR features 19 tips on building a lasting platform, including: 

  • Establishing a platform-building habit
  • Setting up your author's blog and your email list
  • Taking advantage of social media
  • Putting your fellow authors and readers to work for you 

In essence, an author platform is a relationship you build with your readers over a lifetime. And an author platform is what separates truly successful authors from merely talented ones. THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR is the road map on how to get there.